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We are professional teeth whitening products manufacturer and supplier in china. Aimed at provide One-Stop teeth whitening sloutions for dental clinic & beauty salon & home use.

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Dual Foam System




Non-peroxide Teeth Whitening Dual Foam contains two foam in one package:

1) Teeth Cleaning Foam: Helps to remove enamel surface stains from your teeth using foaming detergent action. With many of the same ingredients as leading toothpastes, this proprietary "oxygen infused" foam is clinically proven penetrate those tough to reach spaces between teeth and other places that standard pastes and gels are too thick to clean.

2) Teeth Whitening Foam: Features incredible bleaching power in combination with active oxygen bubbles for faster results without the pain or discomfort of many traditional teeth whitening systems. The peroxide-free Whitening Foam removes both surface and sub-surface stains better and faster than leading whitening toothpastes.

3) Cleaning and Whitening Foam
It is a revolutionary new foam system that whitens your teeth while eliminating stains beneath the surface. This unique double action process means that your teeth get brighter faster and stay whiter longer… without sensitivity.


1.Each set includes 1 bottle cleaning foam and1 bottle whitening foam(Both are 50ml)
2.Simple easy-to-use foam
3.Apply directly to your toothbrush
4. No messy strips or trays
5.No sensitivity, no abrasive
6. 30-day supply

Direction for use

1. Dispense "cleaning" foam on dry toothbrush and brush teeth for 1 minute.
2. Expectorate completely.
3. Dispense "whitening" foam on toothbrush and gently brush teeth for 1 minute.
4. Expectorate completely.
5. Do not rinse, eat or drink for 15 minutes.


Apply on teeth once in morning and once at night. Do not swallow. Do not use more than 2-3 times daily. Results vary from person to person. Results expected in 1-3 weeks.

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