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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Centers

Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Centers

Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Centers

Sex addiction is a disorder that is often manifested by obsessive sexual behavior that usually affects other aspects of a person's life, like their work and relationships. Addiction to pornography is a big issue among Christians; after all, they are only flesh and blood.

The good news is that Christian rehabs can cater to this issue. As the name suggests, Christian rehabs base their treatment on scripture readings, daily prayer, reflection sessions, Bible study sessions, and sermons. This treatment style is designed to enable individuals to renew their minds and re-affirm their connection to God as a way to get over their sex addiction naturally. 

Most religious-based rehabs also offer pastoral counseling services as part of their treatment programs. If you are looking for help for porn-addicted Christians in the Boulder area, here are some things to look out for.

What Kind Of Treatment Plan Does The Facility Offer?

Everyone has unique ways of recovering from sex addiction. The best facilities understand this. That is why they offer a range of residential rehabilitation programs that cater to different levels of addictions. A four-week stay is often enough for some patients, while some might require 60-day/ 90-day programs depending on the patient's needs.

What Kind Of Inpatient treatment Is Available? 

Inpatient treatment is often seen as the best approach to sex addiction. Some of the best places for porn addiction treatment in Boulder offer 14-day intensive healing programs designed to separate individuals from their daily lives.

This is part of a process of equipping them with vital skills and critical coping mechanisms that helps them manage their sexual impulses better. Such intensive programs include individual and group sessions that provide matchless help for Christians struggling with sex addiction.

Do They Offer Specialized Programs?

Some of the best Christian rehabs offer specialized 12-step programs that facilitate sex addiction treatment. A key cog in most specialized programs is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This brand of psychotherapy helps individuals discover triggers for their sexual impulses and shows them how to manage these impulses at the deepest levels.

 Another integral part of these programs includes support groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA). Such support groups instruct members on managing obsessive sexual behavior and providing patients with some communal support.

Get in touch with the leading religious-based sex addiction treatment center in Colorado

Are you looking for Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men? Then you might want to check out  Boulder Recovery, a Christ-centered and clinically innovative porn and sex addiction recovery program that returns men to an authentic connection with God, their partners, and themselves. 

We help patients restore their faith and sense of self-worth when everything seems lost, and to the glory of God, we have numerous testimonies to show for our efforts. Let us pray for you. If you feel ashamed about your problem, don't! We've been there ourselves, and we want to share with you how Christ - and Christ alone - can change your life. 


Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Centers
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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Centers
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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Centers