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Independent Living Grimes

Independent Living Grimes

People crave peace as they grow older because it is the most welcome concept after years of working busy lives and growing businesses. The younger retirees do not want to burden their families or friends with their care needs and prefer an independent living in Grimes. It is a beautiful time to find care options when you are still full of energy and decide that suits your personal preference.

Everything about the Kenny Brook Village home

It is essential to determine the exact services and support you need in the senior living home before settling on one. The US Department of Health and Human Services states that 70% of all individuals who are more than 65 should seek a living facility with the best match for their health.

Types of facilities in our community

Independent living

Older adults choose the independent home because of the convenience of socializing with other active seniors. Our facility allows you to manage all your personal needs and medication while enjoying an active lifestyle with enriched activities that can include travel and outdoor hobbies.

Assisted living nursing in Grimes IA

Adults find the assisted living home bliss because it offers an agreeable compromise to their situation. You get to enjoy ultimate privacy and independence with the support of staff to care for your mundane life. In most cases, moving into Kenny Brook’s assisted living home is always cheaper and safer than hiring a caretaker to visit or stay in your home.

Things that make our facility great


How far or near is the best-assisted living facility in Grimes? It is essential to consider the location if you want to spend more time with friends and family or allow them to visit as often as necessary. Do note that some locations are subject to certain limitations due to the governing state laws. It is a good idea to drive down to our independent living in Grime to entirely consult all available medication and services.

Type of care

Each senior has a limit of things they can partake in or accept. Some people prefer a home with a large compound with lots of vegetation and a natural ambiance, while others want a fully equipped gym and freedom to walk the neighborhood.

You want to make sure they have the right resources and give you peace of mind and the ability to maintain good health. We have a perfect mix of spiritual, social, and physical independent living care in Grimes IA to keep you healthy and joyful throughout your stay. The facilities also accommodate many different activities for your loved ones to enjoy their stay every time.


Moving into an independent living home should never feel like you are moving into a dormitory. The best way to get a feel of the space is to talk with seniors and observe the staff for a couple of hours. You are for a tour of our home at any time if you book in advance. Reach us today at 515-369-3900 for more details on our Grimes IA independent living and how it can revitalize your senior years with pure ecstatic joy and comfort.  



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Independent Living Grimes