Choose Teeth Whitening Pen Guide

Everybody know about whitening gel, pen, strips, kits, trays and toothpaste, however teeth whitening pen are getting increasingly popular.

How must they work? The same as other whitening systems, whitening teeth pens contain carbamide peroxide. This will depend on the brand you're using, but you usually rotate the bottom of the whitening pen, to push out a small amount of whitening gel to the brush. Then, you apply a skinny layer of whitener to your teeth and permit a couple of minutes to dry. That's all there is certainly with it.

A whitening teeth pen is not as strong as trays or gels. Power whitening agents is usually weaker and the treatment cycle is too short to affect a drastic change. Many whitening teeth manufacturers promise as much as eight shades of whiteness, but you typically lighten your teeth up several shades (about three, or so) through the use of pens.

Studies confirm that teeth bleaching in your house is safe and cause any injury to the enamel for the tooth. Higher concentrations of baking soda and carbamide, usually offered by the dentists may weaken the enamel.

The average cost of teeth bleaching pens is all about $20 to $150. One pen is for 30-day use. Regardless of the gives you see online there won't be any free whitening teeth products, just trial offers.


- Simplicity of use  there won't be any strips, no trays, and no dentist appointments

- Teeth whiteners might be selectively placed on individual tooth

- Low concentration of ingredients

- Quickly erases refreshments stains

- Relatively inexpensive


- Not for serious bleaching

- Minor gum and soft tissue irritation

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